Debt Free Mother’s Day Treats

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Mother is  a woman who has given birth to a child. Though not all of us are or can be a mother but we all have mothers. And Mother’s Day is so near that it’s time for us pay our mothers back the treatment they deserve. Mother’s day is an annual holiday celebrated on the second Sunday in May a day that recognizes mothers, motherhood and maternal bonds in general, as well as the positive contributions that they make to the society. I know we all have tight budgets and going out on a spa or a fancy restaurant would really drag us down so I have ways on how to make your Mother extra happy on her day. This is guaranteed to be all-expenses free! Plus you can save money! I have here lists of debt free treats, from head to toe; you can give to your loving mother this Mommy’s Day!

Hair Dye

We all know for sure that Mom’s hair now is graying and the best way to return its color back is to dye our hair! Our hair, especially women’s, is our crowning glory and women always feels pretty after a beautiful day at the salon. Why go and spend money on expensive salons when you can just do it at home with your Mom! All you need are a box of dye hair (a color of your Mother’s choice), old shirt or sweatshirt, stained old towel, a hair conditioner (which Mommy always use), wet washcloth and bathroom or kitchen sink.  With your box of dye, it should have instructions and it should come along a pair of rubber gloves, a color formula and a bottle of activator. Now let Mommy wear the old shirt! To start, pull your Mom’s hair back into different sections so the dye can penetrate each section separately. Make sure to drape an old towel on Mom’s shoulders so the dye won’t drip onto her shoulders. Smooth hair conditioner along Mom’s hairline, around her ears and along the nape of her neck to prevent the dye from staining on her skin. Spread the dye into each section of her hair from root to tip until thoroughly saturated, then leave it on for 20-25 minutes. When the time is up, rinse the dye from Mom’s hair completely using a lukewarm water from the sink. If the water runs clear, squeeze out all the remaining water and wrap her hair in a towel. And that’s about it!

Facial Scrub

After all the hard work doing all the chores at home, our Mothers need pampering! Mommies don’t have a lot of time for themselves anymore because they’ve been busy taking care of us. How about this time we take care of her by giving her a facial scrub! All we need is coffee, sugar and oil! Which can be found in our kitchen, how cool is that? Again, we don’t have the hassle of spending a lot of money just to pamper our dear Mother. Mix in a small bowl a teaspoon of coffee and sugar and then just enough oil to coat both sugar and coffee. First, dampen Mom’s face with warm water and gently rub the scrub onto her face. Afterwards, rinse it with warm water and gently wipe her face with a paper towel to get the oil off. There you have it! A very easy and super cheap way to get hydrated and glowing skin for Mommy!

Body Massage

Nothing beats a body massage when you need it most, how much more when our Mom’s need it. After all the chores at home our mothers surely need a break and this is the best for her. In order to give her such bliss, look for massage oil that she regularly uses for a massage. It could be Rosemary or Tea tree oil. You don’t actually need to learn how to massage professionally; some simple soothing strokes are fine. And with these gentle strokes Mom will surely feel relaxed. I’m sure it’s one of the best treats there is especially for working Moms.

Dinner Date

I am not talking about those expensive fine dining! I am talking about you cook something special or Mommy’s favorite for dinner. If you know her favorite dish and simply know how to do it, go ahead and do it for her! But if you don’t know how to cook, there’s no harm in asking anyone who knew how to cook, it’s for Mom anyway. If no one really knew how to do it, you can definitely ask Mom to cook it together. Another fun thing to do! Mothers love to cook for their children and nothing would ever make them happy doing what they love with their children. And after the fun cooking, make a little preparation by setting the table up that fits into a Mother’s day occasion. After all the fun activities you did together Mommy will enjoy a sumptuous dinner with the family and what makes it more special is that you made it all possible! I’m sure Mommy would be very thankful for having such a thoughtful child. You don’t know how much you’ll make your Mother happy, even a single rose or a greeting card or just a kiss would make her cry the tears of joy!




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