How to Make Daddy Happy Without Spending Too Much Money

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For this month of June, there is a lot of celebrations and occasions on queue. There will be Fly A Kite Day, Flag Day, Children’s Day, World Ocean Day and so on before the Father’s Day. Some even take this very event for granted. We even celebrate Mother’s Day more special than Dad’s. We all know Mothers are sweet and they deserve a special treat on their day but Dads do too! They may be out of the house most of the time but they too are special. I believe this day is created for us to give thanks or even acknowledge Dad’s effort in working hard to make ends meet. They too deserve to be happy on this day. And here are ideas I find awesome to make our good ol’ Daddies happy.

Greeting Card

When we receive a greeting card from someone it makes us feel special. I feel so important whenever I received one! Just think how much time they’d put on that to write you something special. If you got no time in making your own cards, there’s no harm in buying so. Since we’re up for a debt free day for Dad, it’s best to make one for our lovable Daddy. All we need is a whole size of paper of any kind and a pen or a marker. Just fold the paper in half and on the first page or the cover, you can draw or write anything that gives him a clue on what he’s going to see inside. I drew a mustache on my card and wrote a very sentimental message inside. Just write anything you want, don’t worry if it doesn’t look the same as what you see in stores. It’s the thought that counts!

Make Dinner

Today is Daddy’s day so let’s make our dear father special. When he gets back from an afternoon work in the garden or from a long walk in the woods, make him sit on his favorite side of the couch. Let him relax and turn on the TV on his favorite channel and remove his shoes for him. Let him watch TV and give him a glass of wine or anything he’d like to drink. While Dad’s on the couch, it’s our time to cook dinner for him and the family. It would be more special if we will prepare his favorite dish. After cooking, set the table with flowers and new table cloth. Get his favorite wine as well! This will surely make Daddy feel loved and I’m sure he’ll be smiling all the way. You’d know you made him happy.

Hugs and Kisses

Nothing beats a huge hug and a big kiss for our fathers! It’s the best way to let him know how thankful we are for being so hardworking and responsible. It’s time to thank him for always being there when we need him the most. Some Dads don’t show so much affection to their children but most Dads are so sweet they’d love you to hug and kiss them every time he sees you. To my Dad, even though we’ve been miles apart we constantly call each other and exchange messages whenever we have time. I remember he’d always make me sit on his lap and tickles me even when I’ve grown so much bigger than him!

Make sure to spend more time with your Dads now that you still have time.

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