Why I Never Want to Apply for a Credit Card

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Now at the age of 27 I have been working for a couple of times already and I never had any Credit Cards. I have been asked, “Do you want to open up a new credit card account?” and all of them promised Low Interest Credit Application and Low Interest Credit Card Rate. I even had a Zero Interest Credit Card Offer! It was so tempting! Every time I go shopping I always hear people asks, “Do you accept credit cards?”. That seemed to be everywhere, in malls, grocery stores, restaurants and in bookstores! I envy my friends with such Credit Card From HSBC or whatever Bank they applied it for, they seemed to have all the money in the world! They can shop anytime because a lot of places Accept Credit Card Transactions. They buy just anything with it especially online. The easiest and convenient way to book a flight is through online booking and the only thing we need to achieve that is to have Credit Cards. There is Online Application For Credit Cards where one can apply online without having to go to their respective banks to get one. They give more ease but one thing I don’t like though is that one of the easiest ways to be scammed is through this Credit Cards. Going through the internet you can always find Credit Cards 0 Interest Balance Transfer, 0 Balance Transfer On Credits, Small Business Credit Cards with Rewards and so on. The Credit Card Merchant would eventually lure you into it. One thing I regretted not applying for a Credit Card is that one can enroll in Online College Courses For Credit. I have always dreamed of finishing a degree course in college and an Online College Classes For Credit would definitely help! I’m saddened that I can no longer avail for one since I don’t have a fixed job now. Now I have read a couple of Small Business Credit Card Reviews and they are really good. Now I wished I grabbed that Credit Card 0 Interest Rate offer I would have been enjoying an online education by now.

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