Basic Signs You’re a Shopaholic

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Are you a Shopaholic? Shopping is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. After all the hard work, we finally have some alone time for ourselves. Rewarding? Yes, but if it’s too much it is unhealthy for us and to our pockets. The danger of being addicted to shopping is huge. There is a big possibility of losing everything you love over money. The instances of hurting your loved ones for it are there. And according to studies, this happens mostly to women who can’t control their love of shopping. If you’re not certain about being addicted to shopping, here are some signs you might find in yourself.

Different kind of high.

This is so much like drug addiction that gives one a different kind of high yet it has something to do with illegal drugs. I have that kind of feeling when I go out shopping alone, well that’s a different kind of story, but when you bought something that it made you so happy above all else! You are addicted to shopping if there’s nothing else in your life that makes you feel as good as it does. This addiction is considered serious if even your loved ones are no match for it. You need to seek medical help.

More trouble with family.

This one is more crucial, in which we all know our family is the most important people in our lives. It is considered a serious trouble when we come to a point of losing each and every one of our family because of our addiction. You can sight it out every time you chose to go malling or shopping over a family gathering. Some even come to a point where they steal money from one of their loved ones just to get the latest fashion trend! One won’t notice the trouble right away especially when you’re enjoying so much on your splurge. If we always get into a fight with one of our loved ones over money, this is one big sign we’re already on the edge of losing it. To get rid of this kind of trouble, you really need to make amends.

Problems with debts.

Sometimes we think it’s a reward for ourselves, to go on shopping but we have to think it over. Unless we’re millionaires that can go shopping every day without the hassles of maintaining any balance on our credits. While working so hard it really pays off a little of happiness whenever we go shopping but we have to bear in mind that control is the key. Sometimes we’d think that little shopping won’t hurt but if that little shopping goes on and on the little gets bigger and bigger. It would be too late for you to find out that you’re already having problems with debt. Sometimes with too much addiction it’s hard to bring back the money that was lost. We wouldn’t want that to happen to us now wouldn’t we?

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