ATM Scam: How to Keep Your Money Safe

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There are a lot of issues relating to ATM scams that is wrecking havoc nowadays. And according to Wikipedia, an ATM card is a payment card provided by a financial institution to its customers which enables the customer to use an Automated Teller Machine. This card is the most widely used card by employers to pay their hardworking employees. On payday, you are eager to stand in line waiting for your turn to finally feel your hard-earned money in your hands and then you’ll find out, you have a zero balance! Isn’t that the worst feeling in the world? Your money is gone in just a blink of an eye? You’ve gone fasting to save more and those theives from somewhere just took it all with some skimming device? I’ve listed down ways on how to protect your money if ATM is the one you’re using to get paid.

1. Look around, look for any suspicious eye. If you’re hesitant or you don’t feel right, don’t transact in that area, go to a different place. Never use a machine if the previous user lingers on the machine longer than it usually takes. After all there are millions of ATM machines worldwide and for sure you’ll never run out of one. As for me, the safest places to transact are in the mall and banks. Shopping Malls have more CCTV cameras installed and the security is all over the place. ATM machines located on the streets are easier for thieves to access.

2. While you’re on the machine, take the time to observe. Examine it carefully for hidden devices. There might be some devices like card or cash trap that are glued to the card or cash dispenser. Try lifting the keypad if you can because there are also fake keypads that are used to record your accounts or personal information.

3. Never transact anything on the machine if someone’s closer to you. When entering your pin, please make sure to cover the keypad with your other hand, you’ll never know there might be cameras installed closely. After using the machine, never left any receipt and double check if you have your cash and card with you before leaving. And never rely on the help of just anyone to retrieve your card if it’s confiscated. Report it right away and if you can do not leave the machine.

4. When transacting with banks online, never click any links that were sent to you by the supposed email notice of your bank. If you’re comprehensive about that email, go directly to your bank’s website to check. Phishing scam is so rampant with the majority of us who are already using the internet to do business online. The banking industry is not interested in technology because of the cost and they don’t believe it will work either. So if you receive such email hoaxes, delete them right away.

If you find anything suspicious and you caught someone doing such crimes, never hesitate to report them to the police and let the police do his job. Never allow these thieves to take everything you’ve worked hard for. Being extra careful has never been a hassle when it’s your money you’re protecting.





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